How did I come into this world? need double expresso, and a joke to st Monday with... 週一早上... 建築設計.正在沖泡著濃郁的咖啡,一個有 酒店工作趣的對話發生了... "Daddy? How did I come into 西裝 this world?" 「爹地,我是怎麼來到這世界的?」 "Well, my child, so 酒店兼職me day I'll have to tell you anyway." 「哦,兒子啊,總有一天我會讓你知道的。」 "So why no 土地買賣t today? Please!" 「拜託!為什麼今天不行?」 "OK, but listen carefully." 「好吧,你仔細聽著!」 "Mom and Da ARMANId met each other in a cyber cafe. 「你媽和我在網咖相遇而認識, In the restrooms of that cyber cafe,dad connected to mom. 並在網咖的洗手 賣屋間你媽和我使用了超連結, Mom at that time made some downloads from dad's memory stick. 那時你媽從我的隨身插硬碟下載一些資料, When dad finished uploadi 酒店兼職ng we discovered we used no firewall. 當我完成上傳時,我們發現我們沒有使用防火牆, Since it was too late to cancel or delete, 因此,想要取消或刪除都已為時太晚, nine months later 結婚we ended up with a virus." 就這樣,九個月以後我們被一個病毒所終結。」 轉載自網路 .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 有巢氏房屋  .
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